The only fair is laissez-faire

Nope but yes, I try to open this conversation with that political economy idiom. But here, since we aren't sitting on our economy class-room, why aren't we talk about economy in our practice world. I have never been done thinking about the discussion (or sometimes "debate") on this one, because in our perspective, as a customer, hosting providers available on the Internet is increasingly more numerous and were scattered everywhere in every sight of internet world. On the one hand we will be served at the many choices. However, on the other hand, this convenience will be like a boomerang and instead turned to be very difficult for us. How could this have happened? The choices that many of these have always said that each one of them is that most service providers give the "best service", "best price", "best speed", and treat us with their other "best" thing.

Let's say, suppose one day you try to find a hosting service provider for your company's official website, you will think to begin by searching through search engines (if you do not want to be called "Googling" as an exact phrase semantically).

Give me your best shot, what's the keyword in your head to find the right answer? "The best hosting", "cheapest hosting", "trusted host" or maybe "Best Cheap Web Hosting"? Yup, you've might be just done the best way to use those SEO. But come on, search engines will never gave us an exact answer. The answers will be available is only in the type of (–again) choices. Are these choices that always confusing, aren’t we? So from now on, stop it and begin to sort through the choices of sites that have reviewed those available hosts. Believe me, as far as I know this is the most effective way to solve our problems. Or at least try to see one of the sites I've visited before. It might be, these ratings will help to facilitate your work.

Good luck, and remember don’t ever waste your money on things that you can get the cheaper price. You ain't yet forget the Adam Smith's "The only fair is laissez-faire" nonceword, aren't you? :)

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